Excursion Reports 


April - Cobboboonee National Park & Mount Clay

March - Port MacDonnell Area

February - Lake Linlithgow/Jenawarra Wetlands 


November - Nigretta & Wannon Falls Aquatic Survey 

October - Brie Brie Scrubby Hill 

September - Weecurra & Wilkin 

August - Hamilton-Coleraine Rail Reserve (Wannon to Parkwood) 

July - Loreto (Nunns) Reserve - Picnic Hill - Cape Nelson 

June - Wildman Cave - Burrunj 

May - Yarram Gap to Griffin (Peaks Trail) 

April - Cape Nelson & Point Danger

March - Dry Creek Lower Glenelg River

February - Lake Linlithgow/Jenawarra Wetlands


November - Mt.Sturgeon/Wurgarri Circuit

October - Dundas Range Scenic Reserve (South)

September - Anglesea - Lorne - 'Campout' Weekend

August - Yatmerone, Wurgarri & Dunkeld

July - Troopers Creek & Gar Falls

June - Byaduk Caves & The Great Barrier

May - Mullinger Swamp

April - Cobboboonee National Park

March - Lower Glenelg National Park Canoeing & Campout

February - Lake Linlithgow & allied wetlands



November - Bundaleer, Stony Peak & Tower Hill

October - Glenisla, Black Range & Rocklands

September - Harrops Track & Buandik

June - Dundas Range Scenic Reserve

May - Black Lake Wildlife Reserve

April - SEANA Hamilton autumn camp

March - Mud-dadgug/Mount Abrupt Serra South Trail

February - Lake Linlithgow/Jenawarra Wetlands



November - Cobra Killuc Grasslands

October - Dorodong & Roseneath State Forest

September - Dundas Range Scenic Reserve

July - Northern Grampians, Summerday Valley, Taipan Wall

June - Budj Bim National Park

May- Grampians and The Piccaninny

March- Cape Bridgewater Beach and Lakes

February- Lake Linlithgow (Jenawarra) area wetlands


February- Lake Linlithgow (Jenawarra) area wetlands

March- Griffith Island Port Fairy

April- Urimbirra Little Desert Campout

May- Mount Burr Swamp, Lake McIntyre, Millicent, Tantanoola Cave

July- Wannon Falls Scenic Reserve

August- Lake Fyans & Devils Garden

September- Drajurk State Forest

October- Woohlpooer Woodlands

November- Beear Campout & Traverse



February- Lake Linlithgow Area Wetlands

March- Drajurk State Forest

April- Lake Keilambete and Mount Shadwell

May- Beachport, Southend, Canunda National Park

June- Mount Napier State Park - Elmore's Cone and Lava Bridge

July- Walkers, Gooseneck and Brady's Swamps

August- Harmans Valley Volcanics

September- Ararat Regional Parks

October- Grampians, Boroka and Wartook Lookouts

November- Grampians Region Geology



Feb- Lake Linlithgow Area Wetlands Area Wetlands

March- Birdsong Recording, Wannon and Brady's Swamp

April- Buandik Hollow Cave

May- Burrunj Black Range, Mt Talbot

June- Kanawalla Rail Flora Reserve

July- Wannon Scenic Reserve and Flora Reserve

August- Cape Otway Weekend Camp

September- Deep Lead Nature Conservation Reserve

October- Wannon Rapids Flora Reserve

November- Nigretta Falls Scenic Reserve



Feb- Long Swamp, Piccaninny Ponds and Picks Swamp

Feb 21- Lake Linlithgow and associated wetlands 

Mar- Mt Napier State Park 

Apr- Pomonal Tunnel and Bridle Trail

May- Koonongwootong Reserve

Jun- Four Posts and Hewett Park

Jul- Warrnambool Coast and Kelly's Swamp

Sep- Eaglehawk Camp, Bangham, Little Desert

Oct- Mt Richmond National Park

Nov- Mt William, Grampians National Park



Feb- Lake Linlithgow and associated wetlands

Mar- Mt Napier State Park excursion report

Apr- Lake Bolac and Environs 

May- Childers Cove and Murnanes Bay 

Jun-Wannon Flora Reserve and Wannon Falls Scenic Reserve

July -Baileys Rocks-Baileys Rocks

Aug-Mt Rosea, Grampians National Park

Sep-Little Desert National Park and Jilpanger Flora Reserve

Oct- Claude Austin State Forest

Nov-Beear State Forest fauna nest boxes



Lake Linlithgow- Feb

Pt MacDonnell- March. 

Working Bee- Sandbagging at Bradys Swamp- 18 March

Pt MacDonnell- March

Beear SF nest box & Camera Installation- Apr

Mt Napier-17 May

Yarram Gap- 22 Jun

Cape Nelson Coastal Park-19 Jul

Black Range24 Aug

Old Casterton Cemetery, Doughboys & Wilkin- 4 Oct

Dunkeld Rifle Range- 19 Oct

Cobboboonee & Mt Clay- 22 Nov



Feb - Lake Linlithgow and associated wetlands

Mt Gambier & Mt Schank  23rd March

Hawkesdale  Rec Reserve April  

Hamilton-Wannon Rail Reserve  18 May

Vic Pt 23 June

LGNG 20th July

Camp Gluepot Aug

Victoria Lagoon and Glenisla Flats 20th Oct

Green Swamp and Jacksons Big Swamp 23rd Nov



Bessiebelle Sheepwash, Nov. 

Bool Lagoon, SA. Oct 

Beear SF Fauna Survey (Cameras) Excursion report, 21-22 April 

Beear SF Fauna Survey (Cameras) Excursion report, 19 May 

Beear SF Fauna Survey (Cameras) Excursion report, 17 June 

Mt. Napier excursion & fungi list, June 

Mt. Abrupt excursion, 21 July 

Mt Zero Stapylton excursion 19 Aug



Lake Linlithgow,  February

Kangaroo Island Trip Composite report, March

Brady's and Gooseneck Swamps  April

Byaduk Caves, May

Youngs State Forest, June

Balmoral State Forest excursion July

Mt William Swamp & Lake  Muirhead,  August

Fulham Streamside Reserve, September

Wilkin Flora Reserve, October

Lake Condah, November

Kanawalla Railway excursion 11 December



Beear State Forest, Nov

Dergholm State Park Youpayang Block,  Apr

Wannon Four Posts, Oct

Lake Linlithgow,  Feb

Stony Rises excursion 6 June



Lake Linlithgow, Feb

Saltwater Swamp and Killarney Beach,March

Ewen and Picaninny Ponds and Camp, 4-5 April

Grampians Strachans Huts, 9 May

Wannon Flora Reserve working bee, 07 Jun 

Gringegalgona, Vasey & Dundas Range Reserves - 4th July

Lake Condah, Aug

SEANA tours 2-4 Oct

Mt Thackeray Vic RA Camp, Nov



Lake Linlithgow, Feb

Glenelg River,  April



Lake Linlithgow excursion Feb 2007

HFNC Exursion to Jilpanger Flora Reserve, 20 Oct 2007



Portland excursion 18 Sep

Grasslands excursion Oct 



Lake Linlithgow excursion Feb



Lake Linlithgow excursion Feb



Pt Fairy pelagic excursion 18 Mar


Burrunj (Black Range) Wildman's Cave


Canunda Campout

Claude Austin Forest

Fern Caves Lower Glenelg & Cobboboonee


Wyperfeld National Park campout


Lower Glenelg River Campout March

Mount Stapylton and Black Range Excursion June

Eastern Black Range Excursion August



HFNC Excursion to Dundas Range Flora Reserve, 21 Aug 1993



Black Range (Burrunj) (May)

Wannon River frontage Nigretta Fall - Four Posts (July)


Lake Linlithgow (March)

Wilkin Area (May)


Lake Linlithgow (March)

Mount William Grampians (November)


Nigretta Falls Mercers Jungle (April)

Casterton Tullich Wilkin (July)

Elmore's Scoria Cone Cave Bridge Mt. Napier (September)

Victoria Point (October)


Lake Linlithgow (February)

Discovery Bay (April)


Rock Art Shelters Victoria Range (April)

Grampians Chimney Pot (May)

Mount Zero Mount Stapylton Caves (September)

Grampians Strachans Fern Gully (October)


18 Acre Reserve (May)

Grampians Browns Creek Waterworks Track (July)

Grampians Chimney Pot Area (October)


Bryan Swamp (June)

Lake Kennedy

Bryan Swamp (February)


Grange Creek Fossils (November)


Summary of Excursions from 1958 to 2008