Fauna, Flora and Natural History  


A new macropod species of the Grampians 1981

Silver Banksia, Sweet Bursaria and Drooping Sheoak on the basalt plains

Black Wallaby in SW Vic 1992

Brolga Conservation - 2023

Bryans Swamp & Other Ancient River Red Gums (36 MBs)

River Red Gum Diameter Growth at Woohlpooer 1977 - 2002

Buckley Swamp restoration proposal 2007

Budgerigars in Hamilton 1990

Bursaria for biodiversity 2015

Eastern Barred Bandicoot in Hamilton, Victoria

Fire and Tree Hollows 2006

Fulham Streamside Reserve flora and fauna 2011

Gariwerd & Burrunj Flora Landscape History 2023

Hamilton-Coleraine Rail Management Plan 2015

Hamilton Region - a Historical Perspective of Landscapes and Settlement, and Impacts on Aboriginal ocupants, flora, and fauna April 2011

Identification and notes on the Hedge Wattle

Indigenous Vascular Flora of the Wannon River Frontages

Landcsape and Flora of South-West Victoria

Landscapes (geology and vegetation) & colonial art of the Hamilton Region of SW Victoria

Local Native Trees and Shrubs of the Hamilton Area

Major Thomas Livingstone Mitchell - Australia Felix 2018

Mt Napier History and Fauna survey 1997

My Favourite Birding Spot 2008

Native Trees & Shrubs for Firewood Woodlots (2023)

Trees and shrubs for SW Victoria - lists of species for different land-zones (2018)

Trees and shrubs for SW Victoria - site factors, attributes and uses (2018)

Trees and shrubs for SW Victoria - assisting natural regeneration (2018)

Trees and shrubs for SW Victoria - direct seeding (2018)

Trees and shrubs for SW Victoria - planting seedlings (2018)

Trees and shrubs for SW Victoria - seed collection (2018)

Trees and Shrubs for SW Victoria - seedling propagation (2018)

Recognizing small mammals in SW Vic

Red-necked Wallaby Expanded Range SW Vic 2013

River Red Gums field day March 2012

Landscape and Flora of the Hamilton Region of Victoria

Shelterbelts and shelter for multiple outcomes on farms (2015)

Short History of SW Vic Wetlands, 2014

Sixty Local Native Plants for Hamilton 2017

Trees and Fire 2009

Trees, birds and bats Aug 2012

Wetland Restoration Hamilton Region 2011

History, Mammal and Bird Surveys of the Mount Napier State Park

History, fauna and flora of Lake Linlithgow (Jenawarra) and associated wetlands in south-west Victoria 2023 (10.6 Mb)